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If you are considering a Rolex watch in Arkville NY, you are choosing one of the finest brands available today. You can start by learning about Rolex watches, and choose the specific model that is right for you.

Why Are Rolex Watches So Special?

rolex watch Arkville NYWhen you buy a rolex in New York, consider it an investment in quality. One reason this particular brand is considered a status symbol is it includes a number of innovative features.

The brand offered the first “Oyster” case on a wristwatch. This water resistant case design make the watches beautiful and practical. The patented water-tight seal protects the watch from water and perspiration. When worn by swimmers, it is waterproof to 330 ft.

With a chronometer that is self-winding, its date-changing and day-changing functions are automatic. This makes it one of the most convenient watches you can own and wear. It was also the first to display two time zones simultaneously.

The company has been an innovator in watch design and technology. One example is the design and development of quartz movements. Although few of today’s Rolex watches contain quartz movements, their collaboration with Swiss manufacturers made it a popular feature in modern watches.

A second popular feature is the ceramic bezel. This feature is especially popular in professional sports watches. As it is resistant to scratches and not harmed by ultraviolet light, a watch with a ceramic bezel is ideal for individuals with active lifestyles.

The watch components are all produced in-house. With the highest standards, attention to details, and the finest materials, you will not find a better product anywhere. There is a wide range of styles for both men and women. Every watch is practical, gorgeous, and a wise investment. Whether looking for one for yourself or for a gift, it is the only brand you should purchase in your state of New York.

The History Of Rolex Watches

high end watches New YorkBefore you select a specific style, you may be interested in learning about the company. It has a long, impressive history.

The company was initially founded by two brothers-in-law. Their names were Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. Eventually, the company came to be known as Rolex SA. The company’s history began in 1905 in England. The watches originally bore the name W&D, and Davis and Wilsdorf sold them to jewelers.

Throughout the decades, the company maintained excellence in their watches. Rolex watches continue to enjoy the reputation of status symbols.

Avoiding Counterfeit Watches

When a company manufactures and sells fine products, it should not be surprising to learn there are imitations. With both high and lower price tags, counterfeits are easy to find. They can be found virtually anywhere watches are sold such as in Arkville NY, and including online.

As you do not want to be cheated, and you want the finest watch money can buy, consider the importance of knowing that the product you are buying is genuine. When you are ready to make a purchase, you can buy your new watch directly from the company, or find a legitimate retailer listed on their website. You do not need to make the mistake of wasting money on a fake product. You can have the very best.

Rolex Watches In Arkville NY

Rolex offers a number of lines of high-quality watches. When you are looking for the best product in New York, consider a Submariner or a Yachtmaster watch.

The Submariner

submariner Arkville NYNow that you know basic details about this company, prepare to select the watch that meets your needs and personal preferences. One of the most popular sports watches is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. Currently, there are 8 models in the Submariner line.

The Submariner offers many important features. It resists water up to 1000 feet. The case is made of corrosion-resistant metal. As your wrist movements cause the submariner to self-wind, it runs continuously. As energy is stored, it will continue to run for a number of days even when there is no movement.

Extra protection is provided by the Submariner’s triplock crown. An extra measure of security is provided by the laser-etched crown. An additional feature for wearers who spend time under water is the unidirectional bevel. This feature tracks immersion time.

If you choose the Submariner, there are two features that will ensure you will be buying the genuine product. First, the inner bevel will contain an engraved serial number. Second, the inner bevel will also contain the name Rolex three times. You can avoid imitation Submariner watches by checking these features before you buy the watch.

The Yachtmaster

yachtmaster Arkville NYThere are two versions of the Yachtmaster. The original Yachtmaster is available in styles for both men and women.

The Yachtmaster is a smaller-sized watch. Although it is considered a sports watch, it is equally suitable for professionals in your city of Arkville NY.

The two-tone product is an analog watch. It is made of platinum and stainless steel. The band is made of 18-carat gold.

The Yachtmaster II is another option. This sports watch is practical, yet it is a stylish product. You can choose between white gold, yellow gold, steel, platinum, and a combination of everose gold and steel. The blue ceramic bevel makes it especially attractive.

This automatic, analog watch contains a special programmable timer. This mechanism makes it an ideal choice for athletes and professionals. The watch has a stop/start button and a reset button.

The case diameter of all models is 44 mm. There are built-in extension links on the clasp. All watches in the Yachtmaster and Yachtmaster II line have a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a triplock crown.

How To Choose A Rolex In New York

These basic differences and similarities between the Yachtmaster and Submariner models can be the start to selecting the right product. As it is an important investment, take some time to compare the Yachtmaster and Submariner models. Think about your particular preferences and needs, or the personal tastes of the individual for whom you are buying a gift for in New York.

When you purchase a Rolex, you are investing in quality. Although the watches have many practical purposes, they are stylish, too. You, or the recipient of the gift, will have many years of enjoyment from a Rolex watch.

With proper care of your rolex, this sturdy, durable watch can last for a lifetime. It may never need service or repair. This is only one of the characteristics that makes Rolex the world’s best brand. The fine workmanship that goes into each Rolex makes it the #1 choice in watches.

It is worth the time you put into comparing the Submariner models and the Yachtmaster models. If you are buying one for yourself near Arkville NY, it will be a source of pride every time you wear it. If you are presenting a Rolex to a special person in your life on a special occasion, you can be assured he or she will be delighted with this gift.

The Yachtmaster and Submariner lines are among the finest watches in the world. There is no other watch that compares to their beauty, their functionality, and their ability to withstand an active lifestyle. Whether you are treating yourself to something you know you deserve, or giving someone a gift, there is a model in the Yachtmaster or Submariner lines that is the right choice. When you choose a Rolex around Arkville NY, it is the most excellent decision you can make in a new watch.

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